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A global community of local experts, helping TripAdvisor travelers plan their perfect trip.

The Tripbod community is made up of passionate locals and travelers who apply their destination knowledge and travel experience to TripAdvisor projects.

Tripbod joined TripAdvisor Media Group in 2014.

"Tripbods are giving real, on-the-ground insight - the kind of tips and tricks you usually only get from friends or family."

Whether you're recommending unmissable things to do and see in your destination, producing rich content to inform and inspire, or helping travelers to feel more like a local and less like a tourist, being a Tripbod rewards you for sharing your knowledge and passion, as you advise and inspire the millions of travelers visiting TripAdvisor® each month.

"Being a Tripbod means you get to travel through time and space to all the places you love and have loved."

Tripbods are local experts and travel lovers who can be involved in a variety of ongoing TripAdvisor projects. From writing travel guides and itineraries, to uncovering hidden local gems, to localization, they are helping to optimize the TripAdvisor experience - and thereby inspiring and assisting travelers all over the world.

So what do the Tripbods themselves say?

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Know someone who would make a great Tripbod? Please introduce us! We are always on the lookout for passionate locals and travelers all around the world.

By referring friends to join the Tripbod community, you are giving them the opportunity to be rewarded for sharing their knowledge with millions of TripAdvisor travelers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know someone who would make a great Tripbod – can I invite them to join the community?

This phrase is always music to our ears! We are always looking to welcome new and passionate local experts to the Tripbod community. Please check out the Refer A Friend section above to send them more details and an invitation, or direct them to Tripbod.com to find out more.

What am I committing to by signing up as a Tripbod?

By completing the sign up process and creating a Tripbod profile, you are not committing to any level of work – there are no requirements to take part in a certain number of projects, or impossible deadlines. We commission projects based on the destinations you have listed in your profile, but you will always be contacted with full details of a project (including the fee, deadline and brief) and given the option to accept or decline. Therefore, you only take on as much as you have time for.

If there is a project that you would like to be involved in, but you are worried about the deadline, please speak to the Commissioning Team, as you may be able to come to an agreement.

How are Tripbods rewarded?

Tripbods are paid for each project they work on ; the compensation for each project differs, but you will always know the fee before you accept a project.

Additionally, when you write a TripAdvisor Travel Guide, your author profile will include a link to your personal website or blog, increasing your personal visibility too.

When you become a Tripbod, you will be joining an active community of like-minded travel lovers, and will receive invites to exclusive Tripbod events and the opportunity to be involved in future Tripbod and TripAdvisor paid projects.

TripAdvisor has over 375 million unique visitors each month – that’s a huge number of travelers who you could potentially help to plan the perfect trip!

As a Tripbod, what would I do?

Tripbods can be involved in a variety of ongoing TripAdvisor projects. Some example projects include:

  • Sharing your favorite places and uncovering hidden local gems to create a travel guide or itinerary that helps travelers to feel more like a local, less like a tourist.
  • Making recommendations that can be included in TripAdvisor’s personalized travel guides, that are created individually based on an individual user’s interests and preferences.
  • Creating rich, hyper local content about the neighborhoods of a city, to provide context to the listings on TripAdvisor.
  • Assisting us with localization and site audit projects, to optimize the TripAdvisor experience for travelers all over the world.

And much much more!

What is Tripbod?

Tripbods are local experts for specific destinations – you could be a travel writer, tour guide, business owner or just someone who loves to discover the world. It doesn’t matter what your day job is – what matters is that you are passionate about your destination, with a desire to share that passion with travelers all over the world.

Tripbod HQ is a team within TripAdvisor, and we commission members of the Tripbod community to work on projects for TripAdvisor.

Keep in touch! #WeAreTripbods