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Location Morocco
About me

I aim to craft this kind of travel experience for every client who engages me, whether individually or corporately. Creating such experiences is a little like throwing a great dinner party: creating a careful balance of expected comfort and delightful surprise, leaving room for discovery while still ensuring every guest feels attended to completely. I'm deeply familiar with the extraordinary riches of the Moroccan kingdom, and with the specific needs of independent travelers.

Why I love my local area

Morocco, the Maghreb, or Land of the Furthest West, is indeed a paradox. It is a land apart, nestled on the great northwestern shoulder of Africa, separated from the rest of its African neighbors by imposing mountain ranges and the vast Saharan desert. And yet, the country is also a melting pot of African, Islamic, European and indigenous Berber influences, reaching back millennia. This extraordinary country, rich with ancient culture, is a creole of Arabic, Berber, European and African cultural influences going back centuries. A journey to Morocco is a symphony for the senses, that no Web site (not even this one) can do justice to. In other words, it is the perfect crucible for extraordinary travel experiences.

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Marrakech Day experience…

Akim Marrakesh, Morocco Arts & Culture, Hist… £57.50 per person
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Fez day Experience…

Akim Fes, Morocco Arts & Culture, Muse… £57.50 per person
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Morocco Customized Tours…

Akim Riad Zitoun El Kdim, Trip planning, Perso… £57.50 per trip
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