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Location Cagliari, Italia
About me

I am a young girl from Sardinia and definitely passionate about it. I love going trekking, sailing or biking, or just driving along desert roads and stop in small villages and buy good sheep cheese or to listen to music concerts in front of a nuraghe in the middle of nowhere, or taste local wine during a wine festival, or visiting art exhibitions and museums in very small villages, or take a 800 century's train, or visit old mines. The truth is I always get surprised. And sometimes I go to the beach. Beaches are really amazing but just not everything you can get surprised of in Sardinia. And all the rest, especially if you come here from september to may, is definetely of the beaten track.

Why I love my local area

Sardinia is really a place to be discovered all the year around. In Sardinia there’s no place or village that has not something special or unique. Every village is different from the others. It might be the kind of bread or sweets, the artisanal craft (wood, iron, ceramic, leather, carpets, nests, knives or jewels), the typical product (that usually ends up in a local feast), or the surrounding landscape. In Sardinia you find towns in the mountains, on the lake, by the river, by the sea, in the countryside, towns made in granite, in trachyte, or old mines villages. In Sardinia you can go diving, sailing, trekking, climbing, biking, kayaking, or just enjoying sea and sun all year around. If you eat everyday sheep cheese and wine you can live up to 100 years (as many Sardinians do).

All original experiences I offer in my Tripbod Shop

Easy climbing along a cliff…

Elena Capo Caccia, 07041 A Nature and Outdoors,… £46.00 per person
view details

Gorroppu Trek…

Elena 08022 Dorgali NU, It Nature and Outdoors,… £51.00 per person
view details

Visit Montevecchio an old min…

Elena Montevecchio, 09036 Arts & Culture, Arch… £10.50 per person
view details

Cortes apertas - Autumn in Ba…

Elena 08100 Nuoro NU, Ital Arts & Culture, Fest… £40.50 per person
view details

Archeotrekking Tiscali…

Elena 08025 Oliena NU, Ita Arts & Culture, Arch… £40.50 per person
view details

Cycling with flamingos…

Elena 09126 Poetto CA, Ita Nature and Outdoors,… £11.50 per person
view details

Local neighbourhood walk in C…

Elena Cagliari, Italia Nature and Outdoors,… £11.50 per person
view details

Traditional Carnival in Sarde…

Elena 09075 Santu Lussurgi City, Festivals… £11.50 per person
view details

Sardinia Uncovered…

Elena Sardegna, Italia Trip planning, Perso… £34.50 per trip
view details

Banditry Museum…

Elena 07020 Aggius OT, Ita Arts & Culture, Muse… £6.00 per person
view details

Galtellì, an open air museum…

Elena 08020 Galtellì NU, Trip planning, Perso… £92.00 per trip
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